Longframlington Pipers Group
Northumbrian small pipe playing for all levels


Welcome to the Longframlington Northumbrian Pipers website   

Based in Central Northumberland, Englands most northern county.We are an informal meeting of amateur pipers of all ages, with a common view to learn, play and most of all, enjoy that unique gentle sound of the Northumbrian Pipes.  


The group caters for all levels offering a beginners and a more advanced group to allow for people to develop and play with others. At the end of each meeting we combine groups to play a short "joint session" normally followed by a chat, tea and "superior" cake !   



If you are interested in playing the Northumbrian pipes, maybe have been given or inherited some, or even if you have a set you've not touched for a long while, and you want to dust them off why not join us ? The group leaders and some members are normally happy to advise on how to get going and what you will need. This isn't an easy instrument, so it will take time to learn, everyone progresses differently at their own pace, tolerance and help is something we all believe in.  Most working pipes are pitched around "F plus a bit" so that's what we play in.
 Typical Seven key brass and blackwood set with four drones.
ITVs "Ade in Britain" performance by Longframlington Pipers at Steele Rigg 
We occasionally have special "pipers days" where we meet for the day and focus on special areas. Recent topics included Geordie tunes, Pipe tunes for "G pitch" pipes, Music reading, marching when playing (suprisingly difficult!) and an all group lesson with a guest professional piper and of course tea and cake !   
Coldingham Priory concert 2013


When and where do we meet ?

  • The normal meetings are weekly on Wednesday afternoon 1-30pm - 3-30pm, except the between Chrismas and New Year. We also say weather permitting as snow in winter can be a problem. 
  • We meet as you might expect, at the village of Longframlington on the A697, Northumberland in the Memorial Hall, Rothbury Road, NE65 8AH.

Memorial Hall
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